Hello there. You’ve found Sisghetti, a wide-ranging podcast on the topic of food. It’s not a cooking show, and we’re not professional cooks. It’s a conversation among biological sisters about one of the most important themes in the entire human experience. Really — in the most stupidly literal sense, we need food to live. But it’s also one of the most identifiable and shareable aspects of different cultures, one of the strongest (but one of the least discussed) influences on history, and one of the most formative elements in people’s lives. Who doesn’t remember the food of their childhood? What did you eat during holidays, at festivals, or when your parents left the babysitter in charge? We are what we eat — literally, culturally and spiritually.

We brainstormed quite a bit before landing on the tagline “Amateur Cooks, Expert Sisters.” My husband, Steve, thought it should be “People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Flavor,” but I told him that he was confusing his current obsession with ’90s hip-hop for humor. He also suggested “Vocal Fry Has Never Been So Delicious,” but in another couple of years that reference will be just as obscure as the first. Our tagline might change as the show hits its stride, but we decided to go with something that combines the main ingredients of our show: Food, sisterhood and humor.

Our first episode should be up in a couple of days, and we’re working on more. I co-hosted the show with my sister Rachel, who took on the bulk of the historical research. We have plans to include our other sisters, Moriah and Anna, in upcoming shows, and we’d like to thank my husband Steve for being our sound engineer and editor and Rachel’s husband Jesse for being our web admin.


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