About Us

Meet the Sisghetti Sisters!

Hello, hello! I’m Sarah (Russak) Kent, the second most Sisghetti sister. I’m still in the tender years of marriage, with a  rambunctious toddler and one on the way. I love cooking for my family, both near and far, and trying new recipes that I convince them to eat and love. My favorite food will forever be chocolate, but I’m also really into grilled cheese sandwiches and fresh apples. If you have any suggestions for feeding a family of 3 (almost 4) who all have vastly different food preferences, help a sister out. Happy cooking!

I’m Rachel, and I love food. I think grocery shopping is fun, and I like to read cookbooks. I love to try new foods, new recipes, and learn about new ways of cooking from all over the world. Growing up, I used to cook on a grand scale for my family of 10, all with different levels of pickiness. These days, I cook for me and my husband Jesse, and some times for our animals. Jesse is a talented cook in his own right, and has introduced me to many new ways of cooking, as well as the world of free-range animal production. We have raised several thousand chickens, several hundred turkeys and a couple dozen cows and rabbits. I have taken many of these animals through all the stages of life and learned to be grateful and aware of all that goes into food production.

MoriahmugshotOh, hello! I’m Moriah, 3rd runner up in the sisters race. I’ve been cooking and baking and burning myself on ovens for as long as I can remember. I’ve worked my way up from a lowly fry cook to a faux sauté chef. My cooking methods include: stealing recipes my mama taught me, throwing things together, praying to dark spirits and asking my sisters for help. Learning about new recipes, food history, and mixology methods gets me amped! Let’s learn some stuff!