Ep. 5: Honey, Please!



The Sisghetti Sisters present the sticky world of honey! We discuss the nitty-gritty of how honey gets from bee to jar, how honey has been used throughout the centuries and a look at the most intoxicating of all honey uses — mead. There’s also an excellent story about Odin crying three precious drops of mead onto Earth!


  • Farmers’ bulletin, honey issue. Lots o’ honey recipes, and good old timey ethnocentrism.
  • Man of Bicorp cave painting (the oldest evidence of honey collection) and a recipe for honey vinegar candy.
  • Here is the oldest honey ever found (5,000 years old people!)
  • This is a cool article about Tel Rehov in Israel, where the oldest man-made hives were found.
  • Learn about mellification — the craziest way to die, and possibly the sweetest.


This week’s outtro is “I Touch You Honey” by Souvenir Driver.

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